Sunday, August 1, 2010

Montessori School

Wow, am I behind on blog posts! Either that or Payton is just to fast to keep up with. Now that I think about it I am leaning toward the later. First thing's first. Payton has successfully completed the summer session at Montessori Children's House! He conqured his separation anxiety (good byes are still a little hard) and developed some skills to keep himself ocupied and distracted to pass the time. He made several crafts/projects to give us each day when he would think of us. Mommy was also able to get several projects and a little relaxing done! We are so proud of him...and just a little sad that he is growing up and reminding us more every day that he is NOT a baby anymore.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Love my Daddy! {father's day weekend 2010}

On Jamie's first Father's Day weekend in 2008 (Payton was 9 months old) I drug him outside for a small photo shoot. Those turned out to be some of my all time favorite pictures of my boys! I had been thinking about those and had my camera out from a family session I did that evening when inspiration hit me. I then had to drag both boys outside to capture the new images above. The new images were taken on Father's Day weekend 2010 (Payton was 2 years & 9 months old). I am so glad I was able to convince them both to do this! It is really cool to see the comparison over the last 2 years. Payton has changed so much but there is no mistaking those blue eyes, strawberry blond hair and little expressive "rubber face". I didn't want the images to be exact replicas but they really turned out pretty close! The fun was discovering things in both old and new images that I didn't even plan or notice were the same until I was in the editing process. Notice in the black and white picture above with the boys sitting on the lawn that Payton was grabbing his toes in both images. I just love that! We hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day weekend and a fantastic summer. We love you all dearly!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Payton is evolving faster than I can keep up!

That is an understatement! This kid amazes me every single day. He is so independent and opinionated to say the least. He is challenging for sure but just as equally funny, loving, smart, entertaining, quick, the list goes on. He is definitely not a baby anymore and he reminds me daily that he is a kid NOT a baby.
He is dying to get involved in T-ball but is still "to young" to play. For now he practices at home. He throws righty but bats lefty most of the time. He will yell "I'm gonna jack it out of the park!" then practice sliding into base as he screams "I won my first game!"
A few weeks ago I was telling him that when he grew up he could be anything he wanted to be and do anything he wanted to do. Without skipping a beat he looked me in the eye and said "I do not want to be a doctor." I said O.K. and then he said "I just want to be a construction guy and do some digging and stuff."
A few days ago he woke up sat down on the couch. CNN was on the TV so I came in there to turn on one of his shows for him. He told me to wait because he was watching this. He watched the entire segment about the oil crisis and then wanted me to explain to him what was going on. Seriously! I am not going to be able to keep up with him for long.
He is always telling jokes, making friends, going on play dates, practicing riding his balance bike, and generally keeping us busy and entertained. There is never a dull (quiet) moment as he is always passionate and full speed ahead. I don't even know how to sum this kid up in a blog post. He is truly an experience.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Payton is one interesting, funny dude!

Well we are 3 months into the new year and Payton has taken advantage of every second. He has been super busy and has a full social calender. So weird! I remind you he is only 2 1/2 at this point. He was invited to 3 parties in the last 2 weeks not to mention the regularly scheduled play dates. {The pictures below are from our date to "Menchis" frozen yogurt shop after his first playdate of the week to the park.} 
 Payton tried Montessori school for the month of January. He was not happy about Mom leaving him and was having a hard time adjusting so we decided to stop for now and try again in the summer session. 
He loves quoting movie lines from Night at the Museum, Sandlot, Goonies and Kung Fu Panda just to name a few. Some of those lines also get him in trouble;o) Sometimes you don't notice a bad word until you hear it out of the mouth of a two year old.
February was filled with snow days and he loved every minute of it! It took abotu 30 minutes to get him bundled up to go out but he could spend all day out there building snow men. He was so sad when he realized it would not snow again this year. All week, a while back, he was saying that it would snow on Thursday. Then when Thursday came he said "I just don't understand why it didn't snow on Thursday." He tried to make it happen so hard.
 He loves to run errands, hang out with the neighbor girls, go to parties and be outside. He is still obsessed with trains and diggers. He is now insisting that we immediately get him involved in soccer and t-ball. Again, seriously, he is only 2! He remembers everyones name, is very social and will say (un-prompted) "It was a pleasure to meet you. Have a great day!" when he meets someone new. He is a challenge to keep up with and is continually absorbing everything around him. He is also pure JOY to us! Sure we get mad and frustrated but that doesn't last long with P. He is just to funny and sweet! Here are a few 1 liners that he has said this week for your amusement;o)
holding keys in hand- "I'm bigger enough. Can I please take the car by myself?"
"Oh, I'm sorry dear."
"You are so irritating tonight, Mom."
"I'm gonna organize this the best I can!"
"It's late for my nap. We need to go home."
"I'm 'bunctious (rambunctious)"
"Keep shredding, Moon-o!"

Friday, January 8, 2010


While last Christmas was certainly fun Payton was only 1 and still required a lot of assistance and explaination. This Christmas Payton was old enough to really get into things and anticipate what was coming. How awesome is it that he got to experience a white Christmas! It was the first measurable Christmas snowfall since they began keeping records in the 1890s. We slept in  then woke to let Payton open his presents. We had his Thomas train tracks all set up with his gifts wrapped up in the middle. He was so excited to see them first thing! After breakfast we all bundled up and went out side to play in the snow. I would be lying if I told you we didn't let Payton make yellow snow ;o)
That afternoon we joined the rest of my family at Granny and Papa's house for gift exchange and yummy food. (the only vegetable was jalepenos with venison wrapped in bacon and the only fruit was the coconut layer in the cookie bars)
He got a ballance bike and a chain saw and just had a blast all around!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

8 crazy nights/Happy Hanukkah

 Hanukkah was so fun with Payton this year. He was actually old enough to participate and understand what was going on...for the most part. On the first night Payton had been to a birthday party for his little friend Owen. They had been talking about Hanukkah at the party as well. When we got home we lit the first candle and Payton tried to blow it out and said "Happy Birthday!" When we gave him his present he said "It's my Birthday!" We tried to explain it to him then he said "Oh, It's my Hanukkah!" Close enough. Each night he would say "I want my Hanukkah now". As you'll see in the pictures he really enjoyed himself and had fun learning the prayer as we lit the candles each night.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We finally did it! Payton's FIRST haircut

Payton got his first haircut ever today! We have only trimmed his bangs twice since he has been born. As you can imagine this was quite an emotional event for his mommy. My baby has grown up so much in the last couple of months. His pacifier is now only reserved for nap time, he has been completely potty trained, he is scheduled to start Montessori school next month and now he has
a big boy haircut. I was his stylist (I cried at the first cut) and Jamie was the photographer. Payton did great but he was a little wiggly so it got cut a little shorter than planned. We saved his little curls in envelopes and logged the event into his baby book. My little boy is not looking so much like a baby anymore!

This has got to be the most handsome little boy I have ever seen!!!